Learn a skilled trade and build a career in the residential construction industry. It offers excellent pay and an opportunity to obtain skills that are transferable to other industries, all while graduating with low-to-no student debt. Help Kansas City with its home work.

What Is The KCHBA?

The Home Builders  Association of Greater Kansas City (KCHBA) is the voice of the housing industry and the source for housing information. Comprising approximately 500 member companies, the KCHBA represents an industry that contributes more than $1.5 billion to the Kansas City economy and supports more than 20,000 jobs in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. For more information, visit www.kchba.org.

CLICK HERE for the KCHBA’s 2021-2022 Workforce calendar of events.

What is the KCHBA doing to alleviate the labor shortage in the industry?

The KCHBA has created a Workforce Development Task Force to help address our current labor shortage. The task force is focused on building a pipeline of talent by creating relationships with local shop classes, career centers and community colleges.

To increase engagement with KCHBA’s membership, the association offers a variety of resources through an a la carte approach. This approach allows school districts to customize their experience with the KCHBA and enhance their programs as it fits their needs and abilities.